Top 2015 Web Design Trends

As times move by, new techniques in web designing are invented. Most designers have the habit of pushing designing limits through imagination and creativity to come up with something new that has numerous benefits. This list contains the most advanced innovation and creativity that have improved the nature and interaction of the modern websites.

Slideshows and galleries

This technique comprises of pictures and galleries put on motion or sliding. Their adaptability has also been enhanced to smaller devices like Smartphone and they work extremely perfect slideshows. Slideshow technique is widely use in many different sites due to its adaptability and attractive nature. The development of slideshow technique as well as the number of users is expected to rise with time.

Ghost button

This is another growing trend in web designing. The style used here makes use of button with single color background. The button is designed to appear in 2-dimnention. The button is semi-transparent and can be used. Follow this link to read more about the usage of ghost button.

Special icons

In most cases it is necessary to find many website using graphics in combination with block of text to enrich their features. They are commonly found at the homepage to offer detailed descriptions. The texts used rely on the icons to assist in description; they are really special. This trend is popular and most of the time is used in software description as well as giving information about services offered. Click this link to learn more about special icon design and their usage.

Grid layout

This is one of the most special techniques that designers use. They have a larger task to carry out in sites that need large contents. Such websites include social media and online magazine sites. Most of the times, grid-based layout is used to actualize wireframe boxes into web design. This is not all about this technique, click here to read more.

There are so many trends in web designing that are highly beneficial on website today. The list above has only mentioned a few of them.





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Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that there are more than 250 million websites on the internet? Have you ever wondered why some websites feature more prominently among search engines than others? To best understand this, you need to know what search engine optimization (SEO) is and what it entails. SEO is a technique used by professionals to make a website visible on the internet by creating sites that can be easily located by giant search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo among others. Therefore, what makes one site feature prominently than another is the level of SEO used.

Types of search engine optimization

There are basically two types of SEO. namely on page SEO and off page SEO. The difference between the two is that in on page SEO you are building and working on your website and in off page SEO you are building your reputation out of your website-in places such as social media.

Techniques used

To make a website have a good rating among search engines, several techniques are used. The first method is creating a unique content- a content that is not a spin or a duplicate of another. Use of keywords is another common method- keywords are essential in making a specific webpage pop up to users when they type in search engines. Other additional methods used include cross linking, back linking, URL normalization and keyword stuffing among others

Benefits of SEO

SEO is used to increase the visibility of sites which as a matter of fact is an important aspect in the marketing of an organization. It is also used by businesses to advertise their products. Additionally, SEO is helpful in increasing audiences to a site which in turn may generate revenues for an organization. Nonetheless, it is a cost effective method of advertising as compared to other methods of marketing.

Basically, search engine optimization is an important tool in the internet world. It is the one responsible for the visibility of websites.