Digital Marketing – A Brief History!

Digital marketing has become an essential tool for doing business that nearly every business needs today; however, just like the rise of the Internet itself, online promotion and the appearance of digital marketing services specializing in this type of advertising have slowly progressed as more and more businesses have made their way to the Internet.

As the Internet evolved, so have the digital marketing companies helping their many customers reach more of their audiences each day with the near-total adaptation to digital everything today!

How Did Digital Marketing Begin?

The development and promotion of digital marketing services began in the 1990s when the term digital marketing was first used.

It was developed as a means of taking advertising from the print form into the digital realm when the first businesses went online and started to use their new digital sales ground as a new way to reach all the people who were coming online for the first time.

This came very shortly after the introduction of “Archie,” the first search engine and the tool that made digital marketing even possible and by 1993, the first web banner was born.

Yahoo Enters The Digital Marketing Scene

Yahoo! came into existence in 1994, which was also the year of the first online transaction, two critical stepping stones that helped the digital marketing companies of the day continue their development to find more ways that this method of advertising could be done.

Google and MSN, with their own more powerful search engines, showed up in 1998 and from that point, it was full steam ahead for Internet search, which is what makes digital marketing possible and so effective today and yesterday.

When Was The 1st Internet Advertising Campaign?

The first internet advertising campaign, run in 2001 for Universal Music, was a ground-breaking development, proving to early digital marketing services as well as their growing list of customers comprised of businesses starting to trickle their way to the internet, that there was much to gain with digital marketing.

It created a surge in interest in the internet and web marketing, with search engines accruing billions of views per month, a sure sign that those advertising online were onto something.

Influx of Web 2.0

The development of Web 2.0 was the final change that turned the old Internet into the beginnings of the Internet that is used today, these changes being made primarily to improve searchability, personalization, and user-friendliness.

Since then, digital marketing companies have seen demand for their services skyrocket as social media websites began popping up, creating new places for brands to advertise, and the use of tracking cookies was introduced.

What Does All This Mean?

Now, as the internet continues to improve due to search algorithm and website development, digital marketing companies continue their development as well.

Since the internet will likely never stop evolving, there will always be newer and better digital marketing techniques to try!