Easy Ways to Boost SEO for Roofing Contractors!

Roofing contractors competing in local markets need every way possible to boost their online SEO to be more competitive and make more sales.

Whether a contractor is hiring professional SEO services or simply wants to find ways to improve their online presence on their own, there are some basic SEO principles that can be used to do just that.

These SEO help tips will allow any contractor the ability to increase the power of their websites and directory listings to give them a competitive edge over other businesses and get them noticed.

  • Claim and Fill Out A Google Business Profile - In addition to having an SEO website, every roofing contractor should also claim their business name on Google Business, then carefully and completely fill out their profile. Google business profiles are the best free SEO help that any business can get, as these profiles will help a contractor establish their business on Google Maps so they show up on Near Me local searches. 
  • Choose Keywords That Are Location-Specific - All SEO services involve doing research for the best keywords to use in website content and a company’s online presence. Location-specific keywords that include business and service locations are even more important, as these help with successful Near Me searches.
  • Add Location-Specific Keywords Where They Matter Most - Beyond adding location-specific keywords into just website content, get more effective SEO help by putting them into business listings, webpage metadata like page titles and descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, and anywhere else a company’s service locations can be fit in. 
  • Be Consistent With NAP - Additionally, contractors can improve their SEO with the simple tip of standardizing the business NAP - Name, Address, and Phone Number - wherever that information is entered. Consistent NAP on business listings, webpages, and everywhere else, is yet one more way that companies can get better SEO as it helps the search algorithm recognize their pages more easily.

SEO involves many different methods to help businesses get better pagerank in the SERPs.

Among the easiest of these efforts are SEO help tips that even a busy roofing contractor can do on their own with a spare few minutes.

But for those that feel as though they could use more help, professional SEO services are a great investment that can clean up a contractor’s online presence, make their company more searchable, and get them more jobs.

SEO tips that get great results in a local market are a major key to becoming more competitive and serving more customers!