Latest Web Design Trends

For an industry as dynamic as web design it is not hard to see why trends and styles change as fast as they do. From the static websites to yore to the more increasingly interactive ones of the 21st century, web design has gone through deep and multifarious changes. From simple dissemination of information to optimum user experience, web design trendshave taken simplicity of messaging to newer heights. Read more to learn how new and innovative ideas are changing the web design business. 

The top web design trendsmaking waves today: 

  • Large background images have replaced the carefully thought out smaller ones that offered a static and not so real feel till date. They have brought imagery web design to the forefront with brighter and larger images engaging audience minds more effectively. 
  • At the same time, a static header background image will disappear. Unless it is interacting with the audience, there will be no image. There is a distinct move towards less imagery and simpler campaign ideas.
  • Infographics is at their peak and now they have become even more interactive. They allow easier user accessibility to data and interaction with the images and this data on the infographics themselves. Click here to learn more about this trend
  • Line iconography and ghost buttons are becoming more dominant every day. These help make the icons and buttons appear lighter and create a more modern and sleek look. It matches with the aesthetic demands of the new generation who like simpler and cleaner lines to make content more effective. 
  • Innovative animation works is visible in the form of micro-interactions and material design. The former aims at engaging users with small animations and involve them deeper into the content. The latter concept, which was initially developed by Google, combines flat design with slight animation and gradients that create 3D effects on simple web designs. 

Before you start planning your new site, go online to learn more about these latest web design trends.