Social Network Integration Facts

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to acquiring customers and their best friends; nothing brings new customers better.

Social media and online social networks can drive traffic to your product and increase their spending and make you more profitable.

While many marketers take advantage of Facebook and then Twitter to tweet their latest deals, social networks will be used more like a broadcast channel, not as a communication channel.

If customers share their passion about your product with their social network, it's important to recognize the value of the client.

50 percent of e-commerce marketers use social media marketing to distribute promotions and discounts.

You need to focus on finding customers to spread your offers and promotions through social media.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social networking sites help you share promotions with positive word-of-mouth marketing about your business in a single click with his or her network of friends.

The problem is that if you take no other steps after your friends help you, then you are using these tools as a broadcast channel and losing potential consumers.

You have to recognize the value of your socially connected customers.

Unless a customer provides you with personally identifiable information, you need to allow them to log in to social networks via your own website, then you can track your biggest word-of-mouth customers.

E-Commerce and Facebook Connect

E-commerce site owners use Facebook Connect to let members log in to their Facebook accounts without leaving the site.

This is important because when they log in, the site has access to profile information about the member that can be used to personalize the information given to them.

E-commerce websites can make it easy for their customers who use Facebook to post the things they find and like on their Facebook wall where their network of friends will see it.

Looking At The Whole Picture

Twitter and Pinterest have a similar function and it's important for a marketer to become familiar with the different social media sites and integrate access to them from your site.

Take advantage of the best marketing options on each; simply using Facebook Connect is not enough.

Starting with social media integration and spread awareness through social channels.

Start using sites like Twitter and Facebook to offer discounts and discuss promotions.

This will help you build your network, and you should integrate one-click access to these social media networks from your site.