What is SEM and How to Use it to Improve Your Website Rank.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique of gaining website traffic by either organic search or paid search. Basically all the activities to improve website rank comes under this category. Some of the most common terms used are Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per View (PPV). I’ll be discussing these methods to improve website rank. 

First you need to know is, there are two types of search-

1) Organic Search- When you search something on a search engine like google. It gives the search result by matching the keywords with the content available on different websites. This is known as organic search. You can improve your rank by optimizing your website according to keyword by doing some keyword research.

2) Paid Search- It covers the sponsored area of the search engine. There are various paid search programs you can use to improve your visibility online. Most commonly used program is adword by google. You can learn more about adword by clicking here.

Now I’ll discuss how to improve your website rank using search engine marketing -

1) PPC- It means pay per click. This is most common type of advertising option as you will only get charged If someone click on your ad and visit your website. Google adword is the most popular paid search but there are many out there like amazon, yahoo, bing etc.

You can read more about PPC here.

2) PPV – Pay per view ads or PPV are less popular as It works on the basis of views, not clicks. You have to pay a certain amount (generally 1$) per 1000 views. Some websites has large audience and they can provide 1000 views in an hour or even less. You have to pay even if no one visits or click on your ad.

Learn how to use PPV marketing by reading this article.


So now we can say that big companies aren’t listed on the top just because of their luck, search engine marketing also plays a big role here.